Widelands Build 19

Widelands is a real-time strategy game, initially inspired from Settlers II. It has since then evolved into a much more advanced game, with many unique features of it's own. It has a focus on building settlements and managing complex resource trees, with some combat sprinkled in for good measure. The game has both a single-player campaing and tutorials as well as full support for multiplayer on LAN or over the internet. The main effort of Build 19 has gone into cleanup, polish and modernization, but there are also many new features. Smarter AI, new tutorials, better campaigns and three new maps are among them. Different worlds and tribes can be combined for greater variation, lots of new graphics and animations have been added, there are menu redesigns, etc, etc. A game of high quality, no doubt!

A settlement besides a river in Widelands. Note the attention to detail in the graphics.

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