Dead Ascend

Dead Ascend is a hand-drawn point & click adventure game. It's also finished and looks really nice! Chased by zombies into an old radio tower, your only hope is to keep climbing and solving puzzles along the way. An action ending is also promised. :) This is another genre I can really appreciate, so it's nice to see new Free projects like this. The game is available for Android and iOS, but can also be compiled for desktop PC with the code and instructions on github.

Here the inventory can be seen, along with the nice hand-drawn graphics.


A while ago I discovered a very interesting and rather unique FOSS game: a classic colorful arcade racer! Sure, SuperTuxKart is there and is great, and it's not alone. But Yorg, a reversive acronym for "Yorg’s an Open Racing Game", feels more like Micro Machines with it's top-down perspective, giving it a completely different gameplay style. The game currently has six cars and three tracks with AI players to race against. In the future power-ups, weapons and multiplayer will be added along with more cars and tracks. It all looks very well made; anyone looking for some arcady action racing should give this a try!

Starting a race in Yorg. Note the wonderfully twisted course on the mini-map in the corner. :)


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