Laundred Sheep

3D Platformers! I can't get enough of them yet so few are released. A project that tries to mitigate this fact is Laundred Sheep. A completely Free 3D platformer inspired by the Blender Open Movie Cosmos Laundromat. The game is still early in development, but there are several levels to explore, items to pick up and enemies to avoid. This project will be interesting to follow!

Taisei Project

Taisei is a Free clone of the Tōhō series of games. It's a bullet hell shooter with some nice art and six levels. There's even some well-drawn artwork and cool 3D backgrounds. It is also pretty much completed at version 1.1. It looks cool and it's a genre I like, so it's cool to see a Free game like this. Well woth a look for fans of the genre! (Oh, and you might need a video to really appreciate how this plays.)

Taisei showing one of it's promised bullet hells.


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