OpenMW - 0.41

OpenMW, the Free re-implementation of the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind engine, just reached 0.41 with a huge set of improvements and fixes. Visual and audio effects for spells are in, there are textures for particles now, improvements has been made to combat AI, etc, etc. Check the video below for a walkthrough:

Wyrmsun - 2.5.2

Regular readers will no doubt know about Wyrmsun. This excellent RTS / Grand strategy mash-up recently received huge campaign maps filled with missions and adventures in it's 2.5 release. Now two minor releases with additional fixes and improvements have been released, also including a new campaign called "The First Dwarves". Enjoy!

Lots of flavor-text and world-building are part of Wyrmsun. Here a literary work has been created.


AdaVenture is a retro-styled point and click game, described as kid-friendly and inspired by a classic Atari game called simply Adventure. There is a story, set in ancient Persia, with two different campaigns. The latest release is 1.0.7 and development seems rather rapid with several releases over the last months. There is even gamepad support!

Exploring a temple and finding a key in AdaVenture.

Lugaru HD - 1.1

Lugaru HD is a third-person action game starring an anthropomorphic bunny fighting to save his friends from slavery. It has a focus on martial arts fighting and was previously a commercial title that now has both Free source and art. Thus the entire game is available to download, and several improvements have been done upon the original. It is now possible to add new campaigns and mods and three new adventures are included with the release. Lots of under-the-hood changes have also been made to improve the code-base, and work goes on for more improvements in the future. This is a cool and rather unique game, well worth a try.

Impressive and dynamic fighting animations make up the core concept in Lugaru.


HyperRogue certainly fits in the "unique" category. This roguelike has a very special premise: it is set in a non-euclidian world; specifically it takes place on a hyperbolic plane. But if that sounds like techno-babble to you, just think of it as a game set in a world where the normal notions 2 or 3 dimensions work a bit differently and everything is very trippy. HyperRogue is not only a mathematical experiment, it's also a full roguelike consisting of 44 worlds with various gameplay mechanics and an adaptive difficulty and scoring system.
It also looks very cool!

It takes a while to get your head around HyperRogue, but it is surprisingly simple to play.


I had no idea Hurrican was open source! This 2D action run-and-gun, inspired by the classic Turrican, not only has super smooth gameplay and jaw-dropping graphics, it's also complete and features nine worlds and two-player local co-op. Get those gamepads ready and go blast stuff!

I'm so impressed by how good the graphics in Hurrican looks. Super-polished and so very detailed!

Stendhal - 1.22

Looking for a bit of christmas spirit and holiday feeling? The latest release of mmorpg Stendhal decorates the game with wintery feeling to match the season. There is even a new christmas song. :)

There is even presents and a christmas stocking. I wonder if there is equipment in it?


There's just so many Free games out there to find! A quick look around for something new to write about got me zSILENCER. It's a re-created Free version of a game called Silencer, where teams of agents utilize all sorts of technology in order to find and bring home top secret information before the other team. It's sort of like a game of capture the flag, set in a 2D cybercrime setting. The premise sounds both fun and unique, and several agencies with different specializations should give multiplayer-fans something to chew on. Game stats and a list of top agents can be found on the official page, which is fun for those who feel competitive.

The dark cyberpunk-ish graphics give zSILENCER a nice atmosphere.


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