Open Party

This is a genre I can always have more games in: Party Games. I have always thought playing together with friends in the same room and the same sofa is infinitely more fun than playing online or over LAN. So it's always nice to see games supporting that type of gameplay. Open Party is such a game! It's a collection of fun mini-games for 2-4 players to compete in. There are seven games this far and there is even gamepad support!

The menu in Open Party, which quickly lets you detect players and start a game.

Liberation Circuit

Liberation Circuit is described as a "rogue A.I. simulator" and is an RTS/programming game where you are tasked with escaping a hostile computer system. It's possible to play the game as an RTS and take control of units or use code to program them to act on their own. A very interesting concept I must say! It looks great too, with colorful abstract worlds.

Various units attacking in Liberation Circuit.

Tank Arena

Tank Arena is an arcade game from 1997 that just got it's source code released, qualifying it for a mention here. :) It's playable against another player on the same computer in either a deathmatch, race, capture the flag or co-op play. There also seems to be a bunch of single-player levels to tackle alone. You can drive tanks, chopper and planes and there are several different ones to use, as well as four different worlds, a complete map editor and joystick support!

A few screens from Tank Arena, showing classic pixel art and splitscreen play!

C-Dogs - 0.6.4

Ever-fun run-and-gunner C-Dogs just got it's new nice walking animations! There is also a new features that lets objects spawn items when destroyed, so now you can get healthpacks by destroying those crates!

Here's the new walking animation in action. Looks fancy!

Tales of Maj'Eyal - 1.5.0

Pretty roguelike Tales of Maj'Eyal got a new shiny major release. The entire list of news is way to long to post here, but major features include a Stone Warden class to play, an additional new class - the Possessor - for donators, rewritten Archer and Rogue classes, reworked chant and hymn trees, a much improved infinite dungeon, new visual effects for many talents, all artifacts have unique player doll images, etc, etc.

Living in different timelines seems to be a part of Tales of Maj'Eyal. Also note the beautiful UI.


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