Nox Imperii 0.5.1

Did I mention space exploration game Nox Imperii has very active development? I was just informed that a new release has come out since my last post. 0.5.1 has a new looting system that seems to make piracy a more viable option (Nice, I like to play pirate!), AI ships have got individual names, player progression has been re-balanced, the shipyard UI has got improvements and it's possible to purchase  maps of surrounding systems. The usual list of smaller tweaks and bug-fixes is included as well. :) This game is certainly building up to a space adventure of massive proportions - one I'd like to sink my teeth into once I get the time.

Rich space backgrounds when exploring in Nox Imperii.

Force: Leashed

Force: Leashed is described as a first person gravity fiddler. You have to use gravitational fields to affect the paths of rockets to advance through the 3D world. it's certainly a unique concept, and looks rather nice too. Something for those looking for a different and innovative puzzle game!

Crazy gravity shenanigans in Force: Leashed.

Endless Sky - 0.9.4

The very polished and well-made space exploration game Endless Sky has seen loads of development since I last mentioned it. The latest stable release is 0.9.4 and together with a few of the previous releases it comes with new ships and missions, lots of UI and engine improvements, mineable asteroids, tooltips, various improvements to graphics, sound and AI, pop-up mini-map when jumping, a dynamic economy system, new capabilities for weapons, and lots of other things. It has without doubt become a very impressive and fine game!

An epic space-battle taking place in Endless Sky.

The Yearning

Noticed this on Free Gamer and it looks so cool I had to post it here as well, even though it seems to be in heavy development. The Yearning is, cut from it's description, a hybrid singleplayer / multiplayer game about spider drones and the end of the world. And judging from screenshots and videos it looks like an impressive action game with a very unique and nice visual style!
Download can be found on it's GitHub page, though it is not a binary so you will need to compile it yourself. Hopefully a binary will come soon, I'd love to try this.

The Yearning certainly has a very special graphical style. I love those sci-fi vibes!

Pioneer 2016-10-22

Pioneer - a game of lonely space adventure - keeps it's monthly releases up. Every release has it's share of features, fixes and internal changes, and they certainly do stack up over time. Among things I see thruster upgrades, new ship textures, nav-buttons to mission screens, other GUI improvements and loads of other items. It's cool to see this keep growing - it certainly has a lot going for it!

Blazing lazers in Pioneer.

Roguebox Adventures 2.0

I mentioned roguelike-sandbox gam RogueBox Adventures a while ago, and since then much has happened. There is a new location, new dungeons and a few old locations have a new generating algorithm that will make them more natural. Monsters are smarter, decorative clothing has been added and the game is now playable on the rather cool open game console GCW Zero.

Exploring a dungeon in RogueBox Advantures.

OpenRA 20161015

Fancy a game of Command & Conquer, Red Alert or Dune 2000? Now might be the time, since the OpenRA project just released 20161015. New in this version is a much more advanced Content Installer, that can now download more content automatically as well as fetch it from more types of media. There are several new campaign-missions implemented and players in multiplayer matches are now awarded a total score based on several variables, making other things than kills and deaths count. There are also lots of fixes, re-balancing and other minor features and visual additions. It's a big release for an already very stable and complete game.

OpenRA's new score-screen in action. It certainly makes multiplayer feel more exciting and dynamic.

Burning trees is a new visual effect in OpenRA.

Nikki and the Robots

Nikki and the Robots is a retro-classic 2D-platformer inspired by the greats of the genre from the 80:s and 90:s. Besides cute and nice graphics it has a unique and interesting gameplay element: various robots in the game can be taken control of through hacking, and can then be used to solve puzzles or in other ways help the protagonist advance thorugh the stages. The game is at 1.0, so it should be finished and fully playable.

Very nice looking pixels in Nikki and the Robots.

Nox Imperii

Nox Imperii is a space exploration game that seems to be built upon the great Naev-project. Nox Imperii has many new things though, like random systems and planets, a dynamic trade system, a crew system and the ability for missions and events to affect and change the universe. Sounds really cool to me! Nox Imperii also has lots of new art and development seems highly active. I'll be bookmarking this one!

Fighting barbarian ships in Nox Imperii.

Urban Terror 4.3.1

Somewhat realistic "hollywood tactical shooter" Urban Terror got a big update a few days ago: There is a new game type called "Gun Game", where each frag gives you a new weapon, and the first person to use a knife (the last weapon you receive after all others) to defeat another player wins the game. Quite a unique and intersting setup! There is also a new instagib (one hit, one kill) mode, lots of adjustments to weapons and hit zones, two new maps, improvements to old maps, improvements to HUD and user interface and many other tweaks and fixes. A huge update to this already highly polished game!

A collage of the new maps in Urban Terror.

The Ur-Quan Masters

The Ur-Quan Masters is a Free version of the classic sci-fi game Star Control 2. This open-ended game has story-driven space exploration and a whole lot of content to discover. There are 25 different types of aliens to meet and interact with as well as loads of star-systems and planets to visit. Graphics are retro, but don't let that deter you if you fancy more modern stuff, this critically acclaimed game is very fun and well worth a try. The Ur-Quan Masters contains all data and features from the original, so it's just to download and play.

Earth as seen in The Ur-Quan Masters; not quite the color I remember...


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