Code Clash

Code Clash is a fast-paced strategy game where two teams construct units and try to outwit each others tactics - without controlling the actual units. The game is designed so it can be played anywhere and with anyone, with the computer, phone or tablet placed between both players.

It's also a game I have made myself. :) I recently added the projects source code and art assets under open licenses, so I thought I might as well mention the game here as well. Please let me know what you think!

The middle of a heated battle in Code Clash.

Freeciv 2.6

Freeciv has had a major release after three years of hard work. This great empire-builder has so many improvements I couldn't even begin to mention them. Rest assured that the game plays better than ever, so perhaps it's time to get a multiplayer-session together and have some fun! Remember that if you don't think the main game has enough options or a graphical style that suits you, you can change it up with rulesets, modpacks or new art and tilesets. Also, don't forget that the game can be played online in the form of Freeciv-web, complete with a WebGL-based 3D engine.

You probably need to click this image of Freeciv to notice all the little detail that hides beneath those flags. :)


Can't get enough of the classic title Theme Hospital? The modern engine-implementation CorsixTH has got you covered with a new release called 0.62. There are several fixes and improvements to this already very complete engine. Just load up your old Theme Hospital CD and copy the data files and you're ready to go! And if you don't have the original, you can try the demo which is available from the CorsixTH page.

Getting a zoomed-out high-res view like this is possible using CorsixTH.

Beyond Dying Skies

Beyond Dying Skies is a 3D FPS-RPG with a futuristic setting, survival elements, crafting, a leveling system and classic skill-based FPS movement, inluding things like jet packs and grappling hooks. It's designed as a single-player experience, which is commendable as many games of this type seem to be multiplayer-focused. This unique genre-blend certainly has some interesting ideas and I was thrilled to read through the description thinking "This sounds really cool!". Development also seems really active. Have a look at some videos here and get the game here.

A glimpse into space from Beyond Dying Skies.

FreeOrion 0.4.8

Master of Orion-inspired FreeOrion has had a new massive release, complete with an enormous changelog! Among the bigger things are many improvements to multiplayer, improvements to the user interface, lots of new gameplay mechanics and game rules, many AI-improvements and much, much more. This is a very polished and enjoyable game, so unless you are daunted by the sheer amount of options and gameplay elements there is a lot of fun to be had.

An overview of the galaxy in FreeOrion.

Super Tux Party

If you, like me, are a fan of the Mario Party games you might lament that there is no similar open source game. After all, there is SuperTuxKart that reminds of Mario Kart. You won't have to wait anymore though, as I just found a game called Super Tux Party! It is still at version 0.1, but I very much appreciate that someone is working on this. It already has three playable characters, 2 minigames, 2 reward systems, 1 board, AI opponents and more and I really hope to see more from this in the future!

Flare 1.07

The excellent action-RPG engine FLARE with its included Empyrean Campaign has not only reached 1.0, but even 1.07! :) It's a very feature-filled and polished Diablo-esque RPG with a completed story campaign to play and more to download from the official page. (Hopefully more will appear soon now that it has reached 1.0). If you are curious about what happened in 1.07 you can read about it here. The game feels incredibly well made to me and is well worth a try!

Looking at equipment stats in Flares Empyrean Campaign.

A lot of cool stuff happening!

Wow, it was a long time since I updated this page. Loads of nice free and open source games have appeared during my absence, and I really want to update this page. So hopefully there will be some more frequent updates from now on.


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