FlightGear 2016.3.1

FlightGear 2016.3.1 is out! The changelog is still being updated, but there seems to be in-simulator GUI improvements, new scenery, a new Cessna 150 aircraft and probably many other things. A very impressive project, simulation fans should give this one a go!

The inside of the FlightGear Cessna 150. I find this extremely impressive - every little gauge and knob is modeled.

Red Eclipse 1.5.6

Red Eclipse received a smaller update today, bringing it to 1.5.6. There are mainly bug fixes, but also improvements to menus and user interface as well as an advanced tab with extra settings for the controls menu. Happy fragging!

Red Eclipse is not only fun and fast-paced but also very nice and shiny graphics-wise.

Terasology 1.2.1

Terasology 1.2.1, also known as Beta 4, was released a few days ago. As usual the changelog is long and hard to understand for us un-initiated. But I understand this game is doing some really cool and dynamic things to it's open world.

Another great Terasology-screenshot from the forum. I hope it's ok I use it. :)

OpenDungeons 0.7.1 (Also, my 200th post!)

200 posts! I wouldn't have thought they were so many already. :)
For today, a huge new release of OpenDungeons is out! This is one I'm really fond of, so for this release I will be enjoying new creatures, new rooms, new maps, new graphics, new game options, voices and better minion behaviour - among other things. There is also an online-lobby which makes it easy to find online games and talk to other players. By now this game is truly polished and highly playable - a must if you find realtime strategy games at all interesting!

A nice, dark, damp dungeon in the making.
There are skill trees to play around with - need I say more? :)

OpenMW 0.40.0

The OpenMW project has reached another milestone in it's quest to implement the classic RPG Morrowind in a modern and Free game engine. It appears that the game is basically playable in this release and focus is now on polish, fixes and optimization rather than implementing features. Click here to have a look at the entire changelog as well as a few videos from the release.

A cosy tavern with a few visitors from OpenMW.

Stunt Rally 2.6

Stunt Rally 2.6 was actually released almost a year ago, but I missed it for this blog. This excellent and impressive rally racer got a lot of new stuff in this release: five new tracks, two new cars, pacenotes (signs showing which way to turn), some improved sound and graphic details and a whole lot of more subtle gameplay improvements. It's fun and polished, and if your computer can handle it this game looks amazing with all settings on max - the twisting tracks are very impressive to behold. There is also an editor for those who want to try crafting their own tracks. Well worth a try!

Landscapes in Stunt Rally are sometimes breathtaking.


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