The Powder Toy 91.5

The extremely impressive physics simulator The Powder Toy has got a few updates recently, taking it to 91.5. Since I last wrote the program has seen the addition of a new mix-tool, a favorites menu and a really long list of other changes and fixes. It's as impressive as always, letting you construct everything from electronic circuits to nuclear reactors. Besides being very fun to explore and play around in, I guess this can be used greatly for educational purposes.

The Powder Toy includes a built-in browser to download simulations from other players.

Extreme Tux Racer 0.7.3

High speed arctic racing game Extreme Tux Racer keeps improving. Version 0.7.3 is a bug-fix release, containing a fix for the "Wild West Chute Out" track, som corrections to in-game text and a few other things. This is an incredibly fun and highly polished game, well worth a try!

Sliding towards the finish in Extreme Tux Racer. These courses are often trickier than it seems.

Need for Speed 2 SE 1.1

Need for Speed 2 SE is a way to play the classic Need for Speed 2 on modern computers, with network multiplayer and 3D acceleration. It was recently updated to version 1.1. I can't seem to find a changelog, but it's dubbed the "second stable" release, so it should be fully playable. You'll need the original CD or data files, but simple instructions for how to install it all can be found here.

I never played NFS2 much, but the first one ran warm on my Sega Saturn. :)

C-Dogs SDL 0.6.2

C-Dogs SDL 0.6.2 was just released. There are some huge optimizations for graphics and original tile-sets and sprites have been restored together with new ones. There are also many improvements for level designers. A really fun game, especially with several players. Here is download and changelog!

Bullets everywhere in this arcade-ish run-and-gun game.

Space Nerds In Space - Everything is awesome!

You might remember me mentioning Space Nerds In Space, a multiplayer starship bridge simulator that is so totally cool for a sci-fi fan like me it is hard to describe how much I want to play it together with a full crew. There is still no numbered release, but the game is fully playable and several missions are available. I just watched the recently added video below and just had to share how awesome it all is.

The Dark Mod 2.04

The Dark Mod, the amazingly atmospheric steampunk stealth-action game, just released 2.04 with a lot of new features. There are AI-improvements, a new option for the inventory menu, a new combination lock, improved system for breakable objects, fixes for bugs, performance and graphics among other things. It appears this is mostly a fix release for a really big 2.05 that is on the way. But if you have yet to try this game, you ought to do so. It really is very well made, having received the "Mod of the year" award from PC Gamer in 2013. The game is now stand-alone though, so no other game is required. Just download and play!

Beautiful environments with an almost tangible mood in The Dark Mod.


FreeCol is a turn-based strategy game inspired by the classic games Colonization and Civilization. It's all about building a nation; exploring, trading, expanding and eventually declare independence. The graphics are nice and the game have a lot of polish. I have only played it a small bit, but I believe it is quite complete and fully playable despite the seemingly low version number 0.11.6. Here is a download if you feel like taking up the challenge. There is even multiplayer-support for those interested!

This screen is not new, but gives a good idea of what to expect of FreeCol.

Wyrmsun 2.3

The amazing Grand Strategy RTS mixup Wyrmsun is now at 2.3, and it's a glorious release! The changelog is way to long to summarize, but you can be sure pretty much all aspects of the game has been added to or improved. If you haven't yet, now is the time to try it!

A small troop on it's way into the unknown in Wyrmsun.

SuperTuxKart 0.9.2

SuperTuxKart is another of my all-time favorite FOSS titles. This iconic kart-racer has now reached 0.9.2, and is more feature-filled and polished than ever! Lot's of tracks has been added or improved, race-recording and ghost-races have been added, a new font-systems makes it work well with more languages and AI has been greatly improved in battle mode. You can even play in teams together with AI in soccer-mode. LAN-play will take another release, but it is good to know the team wants it to work perfectly before releasing it. Either way, for single-player or local multiplayer gaming this release is a must-try and it can be found on the newly redesigned homepage here!

Some of these tracks has some amazing designs and very nice visuals.

Terasology 1.1.0

Terasology might look like your average block-building-mining-game, but it isn't. It has some very advanced features making the world much more dynamic and alive, such as evolving societies and trading. The game is now on Alpha 2, with an enourmous changelog of new features. Lots of new modules adding new features, big performance improvements and cooler physics. It's a bit hard to sum up since I have yet to play the game a longer time, but read the log if you're interested and download if here if it sounds like your thing!

There are some very impressive graphics effects going on in Terasology.


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